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– Anyone affected by a disease, of any kind, anywhere in the world

– Anyone who wants to improve their health and actively participate in the process of finding new ways to cure

– Friends and families of patients who want to help by learning about clinical trials and accompanying their loved ones

After registering and providing information about yourself, CureWiki will suggest potential clinical trials for which you are free to apply or not.

Yes, of course, at any time. Just go to the “My profile” page and click on “Delete account” at the bottom of the page.

Yes, your data is stored on Curewiki’s servers in a secure manner using the latest encryption technology.

When you register with Curewiki, you provide personal and medical information that Curewiki uses to identify the clinical trials that best suit you.

Never without your explicit consent.

By registering, you agree to your data being passed on in an anonymised and/or aggregated form to our medical research partners when your health condition meets the eligibility criteria of a clinical trial they are offering.

In the event that we identify a clinical trial for which you have passed the eligibility criteria, we will inform you and ask for your consent to be put in contact with the investigation center conducting the clinical trial. This choice only arises when a match between your profile and a clinical trial is established. You can still decide not to participate in the clinical trial in question.

It is therefore only after you have given your explicit and additional consent that your (non-anonymised) data may be transmitted.

Curewiki will NEVER sell or provide your personal information to anyone.