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Vision, Mission, Values

Our vision

Curewiki is an accelerator of new possibilities for patients designed by patients. By facilitating access to clinical research, Curewiki wishes to offer as many people as possible the advances made possible by the best treatments.

Our mission

To create the largest platform of patient volunteers for clinical trials and a societal movement that puts the patient at the heart of research.

Why we exist


Patient recruitment is essential for the rapid development of new medication and treatments.


80% of all trials are delayed due to poor recruitment. The medical profession has a clear overview of all ongoing clinical studies and can therefore better support its patients in their options.


Despite an annual global budget of $3.2 billion, connecting patients to clinical trials is not at all optimal.


The medical profession is overburdened and does not have the time to learn about all the clinical trials being conducted.



The benefit of patients, wherever they come from, is at the heart of our approach and overrides all other forms of consideration.

"We try our best"

We rely on ongoing clinical studies. Not everyone will necessarily find a clinical study suitable for their pathology.


We treat everyone equally and are transparent and constructive.


Patient consent is crucial throughout the process. We will ensure that they remain well informed to make informed decisions.


Respect for your data is the cornerstone of the Curewiki platform.

Social commitment

Curewiki adheres to the vision of the B-Lab and is positioning itself to be certified as a B Corporation.


As patients ourselves and technology entrepreneurs for many years, we decided to put our know-how at the service of the COVID-19 vaccination campaign in Belgium by launching the QVAX platform.

As we thought about it, we realised that many patients were in a similar situation, not finding a treatment for their disease while at the same time clinical trials were desperately seeking patients to bring new treatments to market. Out of the connection between the two was born Curewiki.


We are funded for our role in informing and accelerating access to clinical trials by the public sector (Europe, States, Regions) and industry, without any link to a specific clinical trial.

If a patient is selected via Curewiki, we receive an acceptance fee, which is donated in its totality to basic research as part of our commitment as a B Corp.

Willingness to become a B Corp

What is a B Corp Certification?

Curewiki’s values are intrinsically linked to the values required to become a certified B Corp company.

B Corp (Beneficial Corporation) is a certification granted to profit-making companies that meet the highest standards of environmental and social impact, public transparency and ethical governance.

The B Corp certification differs from other certifications awarded to companies in three ways:

  1. Mandatory certification every 3 years, ensuring continuous improvement.
  2. Assessment of a company’s entire social and environmental performance.
  3. A business community that meets several times a year for companies that are certified, in the process of becoming certified or interested in the movement.