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Together, let's make it easier for everyone to access the latest medical breakthroughs.

Curewiki accelerates medical innovation by optimising the connection between patients and clinical studies.

Why Curewiki?

Putting the patient at the heart of research

Helping to advance research and our healing journey

Accelerating the matching of patients with clinical trials

Creating a citizen project and a societal movement

Curewiki is an ambitious initiative, a dream shared by a team of experts who are committed to saving lives by accelerating and facilitating access to clinical research and therefore to the best treatments.

Who is Curewiki intended for?

To anyone affected by a disease of any kind, anywhere in the world

Anyone who wants to improve their health and actively participate in the process of finding new ways of healing

Friends and families of patients who want to make themselves useful by learning about clinical trials and accompanying their loved ones

How does it work?

Based on your profile, Curewiki analyses all the clinical studies in the world and submits those that match you.


Register and fill in your profile.Curewiki's artificial intelligence is already starting to filter out possible studies.

No false expectations

In order to refine the search, you will be asked to complete your profile. Curewiki also serves to exclude studies that do not fit you, in order to avoid false hopes.

You decide at any time

If a potential study is matched, you will be contacted to give your consent for your data to be shared with that trial. If you are finally eligible, you will always have the choice to enter the clinical study or not.

Permanent search

If you are not eligible, thanks to your profile, Curewiki's artificial intelligence continues to search for you. You are free to opt out and deactivate your profile whenever you want!

Societal movement

Take an active part in the citizen project and the societal movementby sharing the Curewiki initiative around you.

Become a Curewiki™ ambassador

Would you like to be the standard-bearer of Curewiki in your community, actively share the Curewiki mission, or participate in the citizen project and the societal movement?